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NAARV wouldn’t be possible without generous contributions from our members. Our Founding Members have worked together to build a solid foundation for the organization and by donating at least $1,000.00, they have helped ensure NAARV success right out of the starting gate. Thank you to all of our highly esteemed Founding Members!



Clara Fenger, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

Don Shields, DVM

North Atlantic Equine Associates: William Keegan, DVM, Bruce Hoch, DVM, Bernard Dowd, DVM

Nick Meittinis, DVM

Patricia Hogan, ACVS, VMD, Diplomate

Jerry Johnson, DVM, ACVS, MS, CVA, Diplomate

Thomas Brandli, DVM

Frank Dwayne Marcum, DVM

Don Smith, DVM

Larry Overly, DVM

Mark Cheney, DVM, PA



If you are interested in donating or supporting NAARV’s mission, please click the link below or contact to find out how you can help.



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